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The reason for many of these blog posts is not useless flogging of a past and gone subject.

Chronic Prostatitis diagnosis and treatment is notoriously substandard in most countries around the world.

If you've got money, you've got more options, however this website is for the average guy who is suffering and has average or less assets.

The purpose of most of the posts in this section is to get people MAD, mad that they've been so inadequately treated, mad that they might get dismissed so easily and carelessly by a Doctor, SO MAD THAT THEY COMMIT TO TOTAL ACTION AND DON'T STOP

If a Doctor is dismissive of you, if a Doctor refuses to do an EPS for a 48 hour culture, if a Doctor looks at your pain and starts telling you to see a psychologist. etc., etc.. STAND UP, SAY GOODBYE AND WALK OUT.. AND GO TO THE NEXT, AND THEN NEXT UNTIL YOU FIND THAT RARE CREATURE THAT CARES + IS KNOWLEDGABLE, IF NOT, IS PREPARED TO LEARN-READ ALL RECENT PUBLISHED STUDIES ETC., + IS COMMITTED TO A FINAL OUTCOME, NOT JUST THE FEE FOR A CONSULTATION.



Looking Back - A Contest for the Worst Urologist - 3

Keep in mind that these are all old events prior to being cured, AND I'd like to remind the reader of the purpose of these chronic prostatitis blog posts: When you've reached that time where every effort and every Doctor has failed you, it's TIME TO GET MAD.. time to get FURIOUS with such a ridiculous situation. We're currently planning an outpost on MARS and at the same time are losing the battle with serious bacterial infections of humans on planet Earth. Why is this?.. people are expendable.. read more..

Looking Back - A Contest for the Worst Urologist - 2

After writing "A Contest for the Worst Urologist - 1", more disastrous experiences with Urologists came flooding back to me. To be fair there are several good ones, but one in particular must represent the sneakiest, most dishonest experience a Urologist has ever put over me..

It was at a time in the whole "battle to get cured" ensuing disaster after disaster of events, where positive EPS cultures would not easily positively culture. More specifically, they would always culture if the budget laboratory providers my insurers were using would culture for 48 hours. As is common now everywhere it seems, the cultures are run overnight and binned if there's nothing growing..

Looking Back - A Contest for the Worst Urologist - 1

A psychologist would probably counsel me to put things in the past.. however the sheer number of daily emails on this site from Prostatitis sufferers and the incidents they relate to me about.. UROLOGISTS has had me thinking back to some of the most ridiculous, excuses for a Doctor that I ever met:

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