Surgery - Prostate Removal for Prostatitis

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radical prostatectomy for chronic prostatitisRadical Prostatectomy for Prostatitis

There are unfortunately a sizeable number of Chronic Prostatitis patients who have gone through decades of suffering; unfortunate but understandable given the paucity of resolution options offered by Western countries' medicine.

For some, after years of expenses, failed treatments, pain and suffering, the time in their life comes that they can see no other way to try and recover what's left of their life, than to request the removal of their prostate.

This may sound so radical that it's madness; but not so if certain conditions are met:

  • Fertility is no longer an issue; typically the prostatitis patient has either had a family already, or are close to or over 60 when they can see no reasonable possibility that their fertility is needed.
  • Their chronic prostatitis has resisted all attempts at resolution; their pain and loss of quality of life requires radical action.
  • They may also have reached a time when they are aware that certain treatment options like direct injections are a good option but are in no position to afford such treatment.

 Dr Arnon Krongrad in Florida has specifically removed men's prostates because of prostatitis and you can read about Dr Krongrad here..

Reading this thread on prostate removal because of unresolvable prostatitis may be of help to anyone thinking of this.