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Why are we offering you a Quiz?

The vast majority of people coming to our site are in pain, essentially lost and confused.

Many use the contact form and write to us, however it can take a number of emails before we can establish a reasonable understanding of their problems. This is not usually because they are reluctant to tell us anything, simply that they in most part are thoroughly confused about what is happening and don’t know what we need to know !

Taking the Quiz shortcuts this problem and gives us a basis to work on.
We still have a few people who when they get to the end of the quiz, don’t fill in their name and email contact details. This is primarily because they do not know us nor understand what we do. We in fact receive this information and keep it highly confidential.
More than that, the way the program works, if the contact details are not completed, the whole quiz fails to complete.. and of course, why even fill in the quiz if we cannot get back to you?

We operate as a non-profit mostly reliant on donations to pay our costs, and one thing we can assure you of, is that as past patients we have a far greater understanding of infectious/urogenital/genitourinary problems than the average Doctor. You will read comments on this site which at times are critical of Doctors. To be somewhat fair, the deplorable state of medical system care for male infectious urogenital problems has occurred because the age of antibiotics reduced medical stewardship to a Rx/script pad. There are few Doctors in the world who understand anything about chronic urogenital infections beyond throwing irresponsible amounts of antibiotics at the problem. But yet most do this because it is all they know.

When you add thousands of emails from sick (mostly men) people to our own personal health problem experience, you’ll find a depth of experience unmatched by the average Doctor/Specialist. However we are not Doctors nor pretend to be, we simply pass our experience story to you and you then have proven information about chronic prostatitis to immediately act on.

To break down that information a bit..

  • The average prostatitis sufferer knows there is something very wrong with their urogenital health, but the vast majority cannot find a Doctor who is willing to investigate.
  • 99+% of the people who write to us can remember an infectious event at the start of their problems. That in a nutshell should be where their diagnostic and treatment journey starts.. but ~90+% of the time, the attention they receive is so flawed that "the remedial journey" turns into a nightmare of "guesswork" antibiotics which are thrown at them like mud at a wall, seeing if anything sticks; that is, if the guessed at drugs have an effect.
  • The first, essential step that their Doctor should have taken was a laboratory test for what by then for many, is a chronic urological infectious condition. And as it can take as few as 6 short weeks for chronic infectious prostatitis to develop, if a test were offered, it will be at a community laboratory who use vastly outdated tests looking for an cute condition which is now quickly passing..
  • Urogenital fluid tests at a local laboratory anywhere in the world which is using fluid cultures, is good only for detecting acute infections and 80% of those at best. By the time an infection is chronic, your local laboratory will show a negative result for ~90% of samples sent to them.

… And this is where the confusion really sets in..

  • Based on that invalid method of testing, a chronic infectious prostatitis (or persistent bladder infection, urethral infection, epididymal infection, infected local small lymph ducts.. ) are all pronounced as being non-existent, based on one simple highly-flawed test.

 This is a work in progress.. Jul 07, 2019